SMSF in focus

Your SMSF is our main focus:

Fulfilling all the services you need to run a successful SMSF

We’re there for you through the entire lifecycle of your self managed super fund with advice and services to help you achieve optimal results to reach your retirement goals.

Looking to Take Advantage of the Many Benefits That Come With Having an SMSF?

When utilised to the fullest, an SMSF can be an unrivalled investment platform offering more choice and flexibility than regular super funds. We streamline the SMSF process by taking care of every aspect for you, so you don’t need to worry about consulting a number of different professionals. Taking care of everything from Legal, Financial Advice, Insurance, Investment Finance and Accounting, you can rest assured the entire lifecycle of your SMSF is in safe hands with SMSF In Focus.

We help by:

SMSF Investment Strategy

Taking Care of Your SMSF From Beginning to End

Working with us is easy, fast and cost-effective

SMSF Setup

Correctly and compliantly establish your SMSF ready to invest for your retirement

SMSF Investment Strategy

Expertly designed around risk, liquidity, diversification and cash flow requirements


Increasing borrowing capacity and sourcing the best loans to fund your investments

Annual Compliance Reporting

Maintain compliance with our accountants preparing annual accounts, tax return and audit

SMSF Insurance

Protect yourself, your loved ones and your assets with a comprehensive insurance strategy

Retirement Planning

Put a plan in place to create the income you need to fund your lifestyle goals in retirement

Pensions & Withdrawals

Access your SMSF with tax-effective income streams and withdrawals after meeting a condition of release

Winding Up an SMSF

Correctly wind up your SMSF according to the trust deed and compliance regulators

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The right advice for your SMSF could add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your retirement nest egg

SMSFs are a great way to take control of your retirement savings and come with many advantages; SMSF In Focus multiplies these advantages by optimising your investment strategy, minimising risk, ensuring the SMSF is on the right path to reaching its goals, and through strategic structuring of finance. Our comprehensive plans finetune your SMSF for peak performance.

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7 years, we’ve helped peoples to navigate the complexities of SMSF set-up and SMSF property purchasing and developments to maximize the retirement finances.

We've created a fast and free Confidential Discussion, designed to answer your questions and explain the entire process of setting up anSMSF and investing in property.

We help you to fully educate about SMSF property investment.

For almost a decade we have helped over 1,000 SMSF Trustees navigate the complexities of setting up an SMSF, through one of our dedicated SMSF advisers. We have also helped calibrate a suitable SMSF loan through our team of SMSF loan experts.

We help you calculate how much you can borrow and assess your superannuation borrowing capacity. Discuss your borrowing options across a variety of SMSF lenders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that we’re often asked and their answers. If you can’t see your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What does SMSF in Focus (‘SiF’)do?

SiF is made up of SMSF experts who specialises in helping clients invest in property through a Self-Managed Super Fund.  As qualified accountants, lawyers, financial advisers and mortgage brokers, we provide a complete solution, including:

  • Self-Managed Super Fund Setup
  • Rollover of existing super funds into your SMSF
  • Arranging suitable finance for property investment
  • Assisting with all other related matters as needed
  • Ongoing SMSF administration, accounting, compliance and Audit.
How are you different?

There are many providers who can assist with your superannuation.  Here’s a short analysis as to what makes us different:

  • We specialise in property investment via Self-Managed Super Funds.  Although the SMSF structures and strategies we set up for you are certainly able to accommodate investment in non-property assets (e.g. shares), our particular expertise is in property.
  • We are qualified professionals in various fields. As well as setting up the SMSF structures themselves, we are there to help with all other aspects of your new or existing SMSF.
Why do you focus on property investment through super?

Many Australians prefer to focus on property as an investment class, and with changes to super laws allowing super funds to borrow to invest in assets such as property,  there has never been a stronger demand for high-quality support and advice in this area.   And because the structuring and finance requirements of investing within super are more complex compared to investing outside of super, there is a need for expertise in this area.  We are passionate about helping our clients take control of their super investments.

What kind of people do you work with?

Most of our clients are very much what you would call “ordinary Australians” with a super balance of at least $175,000-$200,000 and a household income of $150,000+.  They are typically not government employees, because government super schemes tend not to allow borrowing to invest in property.

The common thread among all our clients is that they wish to take control of their super and the assets in which their super fund invests.

Where are your clients based?

Many of our clients are based in and around the major cities of Australia. However, we also have many clients in country areas who are looking for a specialised SMSF property solution. We are equipped to deal with clients remotely via phone, video conference, screen sharing, Skype and email.